Toilet Partitions
Santana Products & General Partitions

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

General’s F.R.P. is a highly durable partition system with a resin rich surface that is tough and easy to clean.
Bonded to solid 90% wood substrate core manufactured with phenolic resins for moisture resistance.
Virtually 100% of our wood supply comes from managed forestlands and all materials we use would either be burned or go to waste.

Highly lustrous graffiti resistant surface makes F.R.P. a great solution for heavy traffic public areas, and schools.
The F.R.P. sheets offer maximum sanitation protection, and meet USDA standards.

Powder Coated Steel

General’s Powder Coated galvanized-Bonderized Steel is available in all styles for toilet partitions, showers, and dressing compartments. The exclusive use of galvanized-bonderized steel provides additional protection while enhancing paint adhesion. The finish is a superior quality powder coated Hybrid Epoxy – polyester applied electrostatically, and baked until fully cured.

General’s metal panel skins are bonded under pressure to each cell of the sound deadening Ribcore with an adhesive that is impervious to moisture. General utilizes a tight ¾” cell size to ensure greater bond and rigidity to the partitions.

All General Partitions exposed corners are reinforced with mechanically fused corner reinforcements. The reinforced corner doubles the strength of the corner while allowing simple field repairs if and when required. The corners also eliminate welding and grinding of the corners which removes some of the protective zinc coating as well as part of the metal edge.

Solid Plastic

Floor-mounted overhead-braced partitions are waterproof and nonabsorbent. All edges are machined to a radius of .250 inch. Supporting hardware includes the integral hinge system, full continuous plastic wall brackets, and solid plastic pilaster shoes.